The Difference Between Campaign and Guild Quests for Productivity Hackers

I’ve been themifying my productivity over the last year and presently my main tasks all fall under quests.

Not all quests represent the same motivations and responsibilities. Everything will largely fall under campaigns or guilds. You can think of quests as the traditional projects.

A quest is basically something that requires more than a couple of tasks to achieve.

This leaves them open to be quite large in which case you make want to break them into related quests.

Campaign quests are the ones that lead to larger goals and purposes in life. These can be longer term from 6 months to entire life goals, aims or even just general themes. The important distinction is that these are plans in order to progress, change and make achievements in your life.

Campaigns bring clarity because if you are tempted to do something that doesn’t fit into a campaign then you should question its priority or revisit the campaigns you have and whether they need adjusting.

It may be that something that turns into a quest while not driving a campaign actually fits as a guild quest.

Guilds are your areas of responsibility.

Guilds are tied into what you need to do for maintaining life and improving different areas of your life. This can range from things for you family or home to a fun and hobby guild. There needs to be balance in all things and different guilds will require different amounts of attention.

Having specific quests in each will help that balance and maintenance.

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