Systems Thinking — Defence

One way of thinking about resilience in systems is also their defence.

This isn’t simply a mindshift but to protect not only against simply “things going wrong”. The ways in which things can go against your desired outcomes or be considered bad inputs can come from a variety of issues.

You have to proactively think about defence, not only in resilience but back up systems as well as antifragility.

Systems tend to disorder is the basic sentiment of entropy, a fundamental law of physics of the universe so some kind of maintenance is a must.

But it’s not just about maintaining your systems against decay and outlying events. You have to consider active harm against you and your systems as a possibility and set up systems to combat against that possibility. There are bad actors out there.

Defending can be about improving your security and practices when it comes to opportunist attacks in terms of things like scams or viruses.

It should also be taking resilience further and be ready for any kind of attack. Opportunists and opportunist systems mostly will go after your outcomes in some way and your resources. So think of it as protecting your resources, your personal information also being a resource.

It’s also possible you could be personally attacked for any number of reasons, here it could be different than going after your resources. The attack could be on your systems themselves. So you need something to protect your resources that will come from probably a separate system or sub systems that revolve around all your systems resources.

When it comes to attacks on your systems then the systems themselves need to have defensive measures built in, also keeping in mind back up systems ready to spin up if the attack succeeds to a certain level.

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