Starting with Automation Online as an Individual and Want to Save Money (Use IFTTT Pro)

Andrew Molloy
2 min readNov 4, 2022

You can do a lot for free online with free plans on automation service but you can unlock everything on IFTTT for $5/month.

This is far cheaper than anything you can do on something like Zapier.

How IFTTT Came about

IFTTT, starting out as “If This Then That” is among the very first online no-code automation services.

While the popularity of Zapier has grown, IFTTT has always been there making improvements.

IFTTT was always considered the user friendly, individual/consumer automation service compared to Zapier taking a more enterprise/business oriented approach.

If you’re new to automation I’d highly recommend getting into IFTTT first. It’s a great way to just get started and although their free tier isn’t as great as it always was but if you’re going to invest in online automation you might still be best served with IFTTT.

They have two levels aside from their free tier.

For some context, the most expensive IFTTT plan is a fraction the cost of the cheapest paid plan on Zapier.

IFTTT Is An Online Automation Service

IFTTT offers a way of connecting two online services or tools together.

You set up some trigger from one tool or service (the If This part of the automation) and then set up an action with another tool (the Then That part of the automation). This automation that you set up is called an Applet.

You can get started quickly by simply adding an Applet from the Explore part of the site where other users have already set up their own automations.

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