No Spoilers Here

I take delight in surprise and twists in fiction. Whether it’s books or movies or TV. It’s part of the enjoyment and there is no real other reason for art than entertainment of one kind or another and enjoyment.

So learning of something before you experience it when the purpose of that thing thing is the experience can really diminish that impact and reduce the enjoyment.

The problem is now it’s much harder to avoid spoilers. The influx of information coming in it’s almost impossible to avoid anything that permeates the zeitgeist. When covering distractions and productivity it’s actually important to do the same thing you’d do to avoid spoilers.

Reduce your social media content, only proactively seek out specific content and connections that are meaningful and mutually helpful.

But what about entertainment? By definition it’s something likely to be inside of an specific interest area. Things you may want to talk about yourself after seeing that big blockbuster movie with shock surprises, or that ending of a book series and where they took the characters.

It’s a true dual edged sword. No matter if you go to where you think there are spoiler free areas with strict rules or abstain from related interest groups. There will always be people through malice or without thinking that will write something that gives it away without you meaning to consume that.

It’s happened to me more than once, a major TV spoiler got posted in a book selling group of all things by the book selling company themselves.

I don’t have any certain answers only to reduce the chances of having things spoiled by taking part less in the surrounding groups etc. Just enjoy the media for what it is and talk about it with people in person or online, outside of these group postings etc. Reducing social media type post and news consumption is going to be a good thing for you anyway.

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