Mac Automation Hacks (Tool Suggestions)

The following tools have so much depth to them I couldn’t even begin to cover what they can do. So I am just going to give the briefest of overviews of what they are.

Alfred — At its most basic this is like the built-in Spotlight feature but if Spotlight didn’t just search for files. This can do so much more than that. You can control your mac and different apps and perform all sorts of tasks just from what is effectively a search bar. You can even do text expansion although the tool below takes that to a whole new level.

TextExpander — A powerhouse text replacement tool. Type any shortcode or abbreviation and have it set to replace it with any kind or length of text. That even includes tabs to fill in different text fields. Also, you can use variables to tell it to put in template text, filling in appropriate changes. Even at its most basic this can save a lot of typing and time. I even use it when I can’t remember exact names, numbers or addresses to save looking up things.

Bartender — If you end up collecting a lot of apps you will find that your menu bar starts getting very crowded and impossible to find anything there. This nifty app will basically hide menu bar icons. The automation comes in with setting up how and when to show/hide the menu icons based on different conditions or outside hooks into it.

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