Learn How to Use No Code Tools With Lego

Andrew Molloy
2 min readNov 12, 2022

Building no code systems isn’t just about more accurately and efficiently getting to objectives.

It’s having fun too.

Everything I’ve written about designing, building and even dismantling no code systems is about getting to the point of building your own Lego bricks or entire Lego models that can be easily constructed together and rebuilt. Add them in different ways to produce novel new models without going deep into the construction of a new brick itself.

I’m not saying this is just an analogy. You should go and play with Lego.

It is especially relevant with some robotic sets (Mindstorms, unfortunately discontinued) and Technic brands. Getting into the mindset of being given a set of bricks and parts and putting them together to be something and do something is a learnable skill.

I’m telling you to get Lego if you don’t have any and build and play with it.

It doesn’t matter what age you are.

Once you gain a skill set in building and rebuilding parts of things together, you see it everywhere. You can then apply many items in your life as Lego brick components.

If you are getting restricted by the Lego you have, whether literal or metaphorical, then go out and discover more and other types of Lego bricks.

In a previous life as a nanotechnology researcher at university, I used lab equipment made out of Lego Mindstorms set.

It really isn’t just for kids.

If you want to learn about no code tools and systems, play with Lego.

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