I’ve Written Every Day for a Year and You Should Too

Andrew Molloy
2 min readMay 14, 2022

Today is exactly 1 year of writing and publishing atomic essays.

It started by joining a Ship 30 for 30 cohort and I was determined to reach the goal of 30 days uninterrupted. At the end of the 30 days it was already part of my daily ritual, in fact one of my keystone routines. I just kept going.

Not doing it would feel like a step backwards in progress.

This is now my baseline for everything else.

I still struggle to think of myself as a writer but I am because I write. I can only improve upon that by continuing to do it. I’m not even sure I really had any kind of goal at the beginning of what I wanted out of it, I certainly didn’t want to “become a writer”.

Which is what is hidden in this approach to digital writing. Writing is just a tool to unlock everything else. Almost everything requires communication and even the things that don’t can be helped and improved by it. What better way to clarify and develop ideas on anything than to write about them?

While I use the term writing it’s in this digital online writing sense of also publishing to the world.

I’m still finding my way with it which shows just how much potential there is that even after 365 essays (as of this one) that there is still so much more to do and explore.

I’ve opened up opportunities and formed relationships that I never would have before this and developed even life plans that I would forever have procrastinated over.

I still don’t know where it will all take me but it’s a more enjoyable journey there.

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