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One thing that makes IFTTT stand out from other automation services online is that it has native mobile apps for Apple and Android.

This makes it more convenient to manage and create automations from your mobile devices as far as editing and creativity. Many services have decent mobile friendly web pages but they can sometimes be clunky to use and it’s almost always easier to just use a dedicated app.

So from a usability standpoint it’s definitely an advantage to have a native mobile app.

But there’s another limitation of web browsers that make a mobile app worth it.

A native app can take advantage and use features of the device itself as well as operating system features that by the nature of the web wouldn’t be available to a browser.

Another way to think of it is that it is giving you local automation opportunities to connect to cloud based automation. Things that happen on your mobile device can affect your IFTTT Applets or your Applets affect your mobile device in some way.

You can set a trigger based on location with your Mobile devices or manually trigger an Applet in multiple ways from your mobile device without having to log into the website or setting up some complex trigger mechanism linked to other apps.

There can be actions affecting your device such as setting the background wallpaper of you Android device or adding an item to your Apple Reminders app.

By integrating with a native app it also opens up opportunities and possibilities with automation systems for those mobile devices to work directly with IFTTT. E.g. You can add to Apple Shortcuts and Siri to add in to Shortcuts automations and control and trigger via voice command.

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