IFTTT Apple App Profile Settings — Account

Profile Settings

You can reach your profile settings by selecting your profile picture on the top right of the app as long as you are logged in. This will give you several menu options the first one covered below is the Account settings.

Your username, password and email address can be changed here. It also has your time zone settings. This is important as this will be used for any time based parts of any automation Applets and services you may use. It will also indicate your IFTTT plan.

There is a control your data section where you can export all your data from IFTTT as well as close your account to remove all your data from IFTTT’s servers. The exported data is given to you in the form of a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file. This is just a plain text file in a format that can be read by many services and programming languages while also being relatively readable by human beings.

Next is third party login services you can connect to. This way you can use a third party SSO (single sign on) to log in to IFTTT, such as a Google or Apple account.

Next is two step authentication that you can enable to give you extra security over your IFTTT account. This means adding your mobile number or using an authenticator app to enter one use codes when logging into IFTTT.

Here you can choose what types of emails to receive from IFTTT or stop them altogether.

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