IFTTT and Using iPhone Triggers

The services available are Button widget, Note widget and Camera widget. Each has a trigger and available as a widget to add to the home screen. Button is a simple control trigger, note presents a text field box to enter a note when triggered and camera runs your camera app to allow you to take a photo as part of the trigger.


iPhone Shortcuts are automations you can create on your device to perform all sorts of actions from phone based triggers and tie together different apps. Since you already have an automation creation system on your iPhone it makes sense that we should leverage that to use with our IFTTT based automations. It is also a way to connect from device automation to cloud automation seamlessly.


By using an iPhone it will have GPS, cellular and wifi location services built in and these can be used to be a trigger. Select the location service in IFTTT and then set the trigger to be based on entering, exiting or either entering or exiting an area. The area itself can be chosen by entering a location or address in the search bar or by dragging the area circle around the map you are presented with. This circle represents the area that is the trigger by crossing that boundary.


By having the ability to set up Shortcuts and all the possible triggers they can have, one important one that deserves its own mention is Siri. The Apple voice assistant can be used to trigger any Shortcut and that means any with IFTTT actions built in.

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