IFTTT and Shortcuts on iPhone

iPhone Shortcuts are automations you can create on your device to perform all sorts of actions from phone based triggers and tie together different apps. Since you already have an automation creation system on your iPhone it makes sense that we should leverage that to use with our IFTTT based automations. It is also a way to connect from device automation to cloud automation seamlessly.

Create Applet

In order to create an Applet for use in a Shortcut you must set it up with the Button service trigger. This is the same trigger discussed in the setting up of IFTTT widgets. It’s a special trigger designed for iPhone and Android to be used as a trigger on those mobile devices. Here it is also necessary as an alternative trigger to be used in Shortcuts.

1. Go to the Create page in the IFTTT app.

2. Under If This select Add.

3. Choose or search for Button Widget.

4. Then add any actions, queries or filters you want to this Applet.

Create Shortcut

You have your Applet ready so now you can create a Shortcut on your iPhone using it.

To create the Shortcut, open the Shortcuts app.

1. Select the “+” on the Shortcuts homescreen.

2. Select, “Add action”.

3. Navigate to “Apps” and tap the IFTTT icon.

4. Select “Trigger Applet”.

5. Select the Applet you want to trigger from Shortcut compatible list.

6. Name your Shortcut. This will be the custom phrase you will use to trigger your Applet.

With this you can set up any kind of Shortcut you want with all the usual Shortcut triggers, knowing it will also trigger IFTTT actions.

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