IFTTT and iPhone Services — Photos

When you install the IFTTT app on your iPhone, one service you may find useful is one specifically called “iOS Photos”. This is an iPhone specific service that makes use of the native photo app on the iPhone. Unlike the trigger services of location and widget related services, this service also has an action.


There are multiple triggers for this service. They all centre around when a new photo has been added to the photos library. The difference between what are 6 triggers comes down to how those photos were made. So you can more granularly make actions dependent on types of photos than simply any photo. These types of triggers are as follows:

  1. Any = This is literally for any new photo added to the library.
  2. Album = If a new photo is added to a specified album
  3. Front Camera = This trigger only occurs if the photo is taken from the front camera of the phone, in this way you can think of this as a camera trigger.
  4. Rear Camera = As with the front camera trigger only this is for the rear camera.
  5. Screenshot = This trigger occurs when you take a screenshot on your phone.
  6. Area = This is similar to a location service trigger only it depends on a photo being taken within a specified area.


There is one action possible with this service. And logically it’s adding a photo to an album. So this makes it possible to take a photo from some trigger or query, i.e. possibly from some other service, and then add it straight into your iPhone photos and you can specify an album for that.

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