IFTTT and iPhone Services Part — App Store

There are services that are unique to the iPhone. I’ve covered requirements for Widgets and Shortcuts and also the Location service as a trigger and while these are just for mobile devices they also are used for Android. The following services are specifically for the iPhone and tie into iPhone apps.

App Store

The App Store as an app is available as a service on IFTTT. It’s available options are a list of triggers and queries. There are no actions associated with the app. You can have a trigger based upon price drop of an app, new version of an app or a new app in search results.

A new version of an app you may feel is redundant given auto updating and checking for app updates but you may have other possible uses for a new app version being available. For one thing if it’s your own app then it’s one way of being notified that your app update is now live. You may also want other actions associated with an app update such as automatically posting about it, along with query options being able to post what the updates are. You may simply want this information in a central dashboard somewhere as opposed to it only being viewable within the App store app itself.

Price dropping seems like an obvious one to use if there is an app you want on a wishlist. With queries you can also keep track of a history of price drops from the time you create and start the Applet.

Trigger from seach results means searching by either keyword or developer.

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