IFTTT and iPhone Services — Contacts

When you install the IFTTT app on your iPhone, one service you may find useful is one specifically called “iOS Contacts”. This is an iPhone specific service that makes use of the native Contacts app on the iPhone. Unlike the trigger services of location and widget related services, this service also has an action.


There are four triggers associated with this service. They are split into two types given this is a reminder app. It’s about the reminder tasks so the different types of triggers are whether there is a new reminder and also whether a reminder has been completed/marked as done.

The ones that are more specific are down to whether they specify a list. The reminders you set up in the app can be categorised into different custom lists. And certain lists may be shared with others.

  1. Any Completed = If any reminder has been set to completed in your entire Reminders app.
  2. Completed in list = If a reminder has been set to completed in a specified list.
  3. Any New = If a new reminder is added at all to the Reminders app/service.
  4. New in list = A new reminder is added but only within a list that is specified.


There is only one action available on this service. This covers adding a reminder to a list. With this action you can add this reminder with the information details as well as the priority level and alarm date. You specifiy the list, if you don’t specify it will default to a special list labelled “IFTTT”.

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