IFTTT and iPhone Services — Calendar

When you install the IFTTT app on your iPhone, one service you may find useful is one specifically called “iOS Calendar”. This is an iPhone specific service that makes use of the native Calendar app on the iPhone. Unlike the trigger services of location and widget related services, this service also has an action.


With the calendar service everything is going to be centred around events. This means that basically all triggers are also triggered because of new events. There are three triggers available for the Calendar service and what they watch for in the iPhone calendar app.

They are split as follows:

  1. Any = If any event is added anywhere in the calendar this trigger is activated. This could be useful if combined with a filter to make specific targetted types of event watching that aren’t covered by the next two triggers.
  2. Calendar = The calendar specific trigger will happen when an event is added to a specified calendar, as opposed to the any trigger could be an event added to any calendar that you have, assuming you have more than one calendar added/created in your calendar app.
  3. Search = This will trigger based upon a search term for any new event added. The search term could be a keyword or phrase. The triggered search will be based upon that term being in any of the event attributes, such as title, location, notes and invitees.


There is only one action available in the Calendar service, and with the triggers it is based on events. So in this case the action is adding an event to the Calendar app. This will include most attributes mentioned in the triggers, so you can specify which calendar, when, location, notes and alarms.

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