How Not to Do Digital Writing (Especially for Ship30 Shippers) — Part 2

Don’t React to Data

So you are now not doing digital writing the right way by only focusing on the physical act of writing and nothing else. You’re not trying to improve that writing in any way other than hoping it will naturally improve.

Next thing to do to do it incorrectly is to ignore data.

What data? Literally anything but seeing any kind of statistics or analytics is a really definitive way to get information on what subjects and writing does better than others or resonates with readers.

Without data you have no idea on the reactions of readers and what they respond to. Without that you don’t know which direction may be better for you to go with your writing. This isn’t only about the subject you write about but also how you write. Part of improving your writing isn’t only learning but about iterating from the reactions and data you get but also what people actually say. Data isn’t just the analytics but also the qualitative data of individuals.

I started with mentioning goals in the previous essay on only writing and especially in Ship 30 being to publish 30 essays in 30 days. That in itself isn’t really the goal and possibly one of the least important ones overall. Of the other goals what may be the biggest goal is to interact with other writers and aspiring writer, and also just to interact. Likeminded people, peers, mentors.

It’s ultimately about community.

However you measure success, it’s most likely it could be achieved by working on interaction and community far above even writing anything other than directly to other people. Something I’m now really driving into my brain and getting it to truly understand.

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