Gamification Mechanics — Active Response

When tracking with gamification there are two main purposes.

One is to provide information and present in a way to be a type of encouragement in itself to the user. The other main purpose is to provide something quantifiable for the gamification system itself. It doesn’t always mean automated as this could just as easily be a paper and pen system where we tell the user to take certain actions based on the metrics.

The important point about tracking something like progress is we can branch options depending on the information we have.

The simplest of these choices is whether we allow the user to go to another level or next stage or not. A binary choice but determined by reaching a requirement in the values of the tracking we have implemented.

Assessing those values as part of typically hard progress tracking is typically done with things like questions and quiz assessments.

We could implement something smarter that becomes part of the content itself. In the case of an actual game measuring how well a player does in a certain scenario and then adjusting future scenarios as a reaction to help the player get better and not make assumptions of their skill level. Here by scenario it’s a content scenario itself, such as fighting off a foe.

The progress tracking isn’t just a large linear path of a one dimensional value but rather we can assign attributes to different types of content and track at a more granular level with each thing having that attribute and different scenarios having their own levels of difficulty and hence scale of progress.

We determine the next event by the results of the previous event and culmination of all events.

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