Automation Hacks on Windows (Using Power Automate)

Andrew Molloy
2 min readSep 29, 2022


The closest you will find to a full modern no code tool for automation on Windows comes from Microsoft themselves.

In the same way that Apple had Automator, which is now being replaced and eventually phased out with Shortcuts for Mac, the Windows nearest equivalent is Power Automate Desktop.

Where we can build a hybrid automation system ourselves with some online service and combining with TriggerCMD and Autohotkey, Microsoft Power Automate is basically an all in one solution for this. If you use Microsoft apps and Office apps extensively then you really should look at the possibilities with this.

But don’t dismiss it if you don’t as there are plenty of third party connections and services available with this app and service.

You can think of it as a little like Zapier focused more on Microsoft services and apps and bringing that automation complexibilty and possibilities to the local desktop too. The interface isn’t as modern and easy as Zapier and certainly not like IFTTT, but it’s a big step up from just plain scripting. It has the complexities of programming logic concepts which you can put together into what they call Flows.

Anything you create that runs on your desktop is pretty much limitless as far as being no cost.

With the cloud side flows and automations there are different pricing plans starting at $15/user/month that prices it closer to Zapier than IFTTT. But there are many 3rd party and independent apps (which they call connectors) that you can use and you may find it useful or better solution. Depending on your needs you may use it as an alternative with other online services to trigger local automations.

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