An Introduction to Zapier — Apps

Andrew Molloy
1 min readAug 26, 2022

The principle importance in using Zapier is which apps you can use.

A large point of using these online automation tools and services is that they do something that the tools and services you already use can’t do natively. This is usually work with other services and tools. So one of your main requirements in any automation service is what third party services work with it.

In Zapier, this part of the site is just called “Apps”.

Within Apps you can scroll through all the apps available or search for them. They are also broken down into convenient categories. These could be categories such as anything from Business Intelligence to Internet of Things.

It’s important to note that some of the apps listed are first party services rather than third party. I.e. they are apps provided by the Zapier platform itself.

A typical example would be the “Schedule by Zapier” app.

There are also more advanced services that are better covered later.

Many of these services require an account to be connected, such as if you’re connecting your gmail account you will need to have that service connected within Zapier in order to make use of it.

At current count there are more than 5000 apps listed on Zapier and this includes some apps that in themselves open up the possibility to be used with your own custom services making it endless if you want to dive deeper into creating your own customised automations.

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