An Introduction to Obsidian: Daily Notes

If you’ve used Roam Research, you will be familiar with the concept of a daily note setup. It is an approach where a new note is created every day for the day. From there, you can add notes based on a date approach rather than a subject approach.

From this, it is more of a bottom-up approach to organisation. With making links between days and other notes, the organisation of your notes grows more organically — no need to decide where an idea or note goes first before creating it.

Setting up Daily Notes

If you’ve installed and opened Obsidian, you will find no note for the day. This is because it isn’t set up by default, but it is a built-in plugin.

Go to Settings (Gear icon on the bottom left) and choose the Core Plugins. You will find “Daily Notes” in the list that you have to toggle on.

Within Settings, once Daily Notes is toggled on, a new menu option will appear under the list of Plugin options. Here is where you can adjust all the specifics of the Daily Notes.

One main thing to note is the format of the date. This determines the actual note file name. It is helpful to pick something you will use consistently in all your systems. That way, you can make use of this with other tools.

The other important option is to toggle whether you display the daily note when opening Obsidian. It will make the experience much more like Roam Research.

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