An Introduction to Obsidian: Backup

Although syncing services shouldn’t be treated as a valid backup, they are a step above no backup in place at all. If the syncing service such as Obsidian Sync has a file version history feature, this is an additional benefit in your overall backup system.

It isn’t necessarily only about other copies of your data to obtain if you lose the original but also reverting to previous states. Backup is about loss aversion but also resilience to any unintentional change.


The best and easiest way to make a backup is simply to make a copy of your entire vault. Since these are just standard local files, you can do this manually simply by copying and pasting the whole vault folder. Ideally, you want to copy this to another drive or device as a backup. You could even copy and paste to an online computer or drive (see Backup Services). Copying and pasting aren’t precisely reliable as far as up to date copies, so you could then use a local syncing application that will do it for you and more efficiently (only copying over the changes).

Backup Services

For additional backup, you want to use your general backup systems. It will include built-in backup of your devices such as Windows Backup, Time Machine, iCloud etc. Also, you can and should use third party independent backup services such as Backblaze, which can back up your entire device and include all Obsidian vault files.

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