AI and the Future of Executive Assistants

I recently listened to a podcast querying the biggest practical benefit of artificial intelligence in productivity. The podcast was Cal Newport’s Deep Questions. The interesting response Cal gave was the idea of AI taking on the role of an executive assistant or chief of staff.

This means something to decide what tasks you need to do and when with the appropriate resources and materials to hand when you need them. It will schedule and tell you what you have.

Taking what are menial tasks that require smart decision making out of your hands to concentrate on the higher value decisions and creations.

Not all of us, especially as individuals, can afford an executive assistant but we probably can’t afford to be without one.

This is where the appeal of AI comes in that can take all our systems and information and present things to us as we need them at the best times. How much of our time is taken up by these administrative tasks, and not only that how well do we actually do them? By the time we do we probably have little time and energy left over to do the things that matter most.

But we don’t have to wait for full AI capability to make a start now on our systems.

AI is just a thinking automated system, we can start adding automation now to our systems, and even create the systems in the first place, which would also help us become early adopters of such a things as AI powered assistants.

The simpler more rigid rules are things we can set to be done for us now.

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