400 Is Sort of a Milestone

The last time I did one of these was 365 since it represented a one year anniversary.

The number of essays I’ve been publishing daily without fail.

So it’s not been too long from 365 but it’s also not insignificant to get to 400. Still not quite as momentous as 500 would be.

400 is a strange in between that feels like it should be celebrated as a round number but not quite as rounded as half a thousand. I think what’s really become prevalent is that my reluctance to celebrate is both an old way of thinking and also the danger of not recognising something that’s established routine.

This 400 does represent something, it represents significant reps.

Significant reps means it’s not about using it to make sure I get to the next milestone but now the next milestone is inevitable.

Inevitability shouldn’t mean drudgery and no reason to celebrate. The problem with routines is we don’t congratulate ourselves for keeping with them, even the ones that become habit. That’s why milestones are still important. To give time to take a step back and look at what you’re doing and reflect.

In my own case where I think I should be doing more I need to remember that my equivalent of nothing or bare minimum is now higher than it was before.

Publishing essays every day at first seemed daunting and a huge task to overcome before I started it. I thought I was going to have to really clear out my entire month when I began on the ship 30 for 30 journey. Yet all that perceived effort and achievement is now just part of my absolute minimum that I do daily.

With practice comes ease but also complacency.

So 400 means I need to do both recognising where I’ve come but also to not rest on this being the minimum and stepping up to the things I want to. Not simply wait for 500.

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